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Words from our European Partners

Our partnership with National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) is at the heart of everything we do.

​"Research and education networking is key for the country. DANTE enables collaboration and sharing of expertise between users and communities (from secondary schools to big research labs) connected to the GÉANT network both within the country and in all other areas of the world."

Sabine Jaume, RENATER

"​DANTE was, and still is, a leader when it comes to academic networking in Europe, so having a partner like this is of great benefit to our community in Croatia. In the beginning DANTE was our partner in providing international connectivity to Croatian users, and later became even more important with the introduction of new services."

Goran Skvarc, CARNet

"DANTE has ensured a stable, smooth operation of pan-European and international connections which are key for global research cooperation. These services are very important for the e-science projects of some of our most relevant users. DANTE has also helped us to save money (e.g., DWS) and to take the joint cooperation of NRENs within GEANT to new fields (AAI, mobility, tools, etc.)"

Alberto Perez, RedIRIS/Red.es

​"Thanks to the political impact DANTE had had, we have been able to get the most important grants, through the establishment of similar institutions in Europe."

Jakub Havel, CESNET

​"We consider DANTE an important partner for coordinating and facilitating R&E networking activities throughout Europe and beyond."

Domen Božeglav, ARNES

​"DANTE took an active role in establishing GÉANT connectivity according to EC BSI project. DANTE is considered a key organisation supporting in the development of R&E networking in Georgia. Their technical staff are also supportive."

Ramaz Kvatadze, GRENA

​"DANTE has had a vital role towards the development of R&E networking in Greece since, through the GEANT network, it provided high-speed access to the R&E community in Greece. Our fruitful cooperation has contributed significantly at national and regional level towards easing the digital divide and integration to European Research era."

Tryfon Chiotis, GRNET

​"R&E networking activities in Moldova started actively to develop after signing of Agreement with DANTE in 2003 and renewing it in 2006. DANTE understands the importance in finding a balance between objective community needs and corporate interests."

Peter Bogatencov, RENAM Association

​​"DANTE, the coordinator of the GÉANT project, is very important for our NREN because thanks to it, the users of RedIRIS can connect with their colleagues in other countries in Europe. They can share different complementary services like identity services, security services, mobility services like eduroam, eg. Thank you very much for your work."

Cristina Lorenzo, RedIRIS

​"For Europe, DANTE has had a huge impact, by providing a governance and financing framework that allows the well-connected network to be expanded in a sustainable manner. I like Bob Day's way of paraphrasing DANTE's "unique selling proposition" at the NREN panel at TNC 2013: (1) Uniquely qualified in building long-haul leading edge networks across national boundaries, (2) Very large-scale project coordination (in English, “cat herding”)."

Simon Leinen, SWITCH

​"DANTE has been the driving force behind international science networking in the individual European States for 20 years. No other organisation in the field is as well placed to serve the community. Successful networking with other world regions, including Asia-Pacific, Africa, South America, Mediterranean and North America, DANTE provides a unique engine for the development of science as a whole."

Kai Hoelzner, DFN

"When DANTE was set up as the operational unit running the European backbone, it needed business skills and procurement experience to run the company and network, such as how to close large commercial contracts with carriers. DANTE still manages all this to a very high standard."
Karel Vietsch,TERENA

"The activities of DANTE and TERENA are complementary and I'm pleased to see how collaboration and synergy between our two organisations have increased to reach today's level."
Valentino Cavalli, TERENA